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Retirement Planning

Building A Retirement Nest Egg
Know what the single greatest obstacle is to successful retirement planning? Human nature. It’s human nature to get so caught up in today that we fail to deal with tomorrow. And it’s human nature to procrastinate about any issue that seems too big, too scary, to deal with. But with the right guidance, planning for retirement can be an exciting, confidence-building experience.

The Big Three Questions
How much will I need? When will I need it? How am I going to create it? We’ll run the numbers and help you answer these three all-important questions. And we’ll work with you to develop a customized plan based on tried & true strategies. Then, we’ll monitor that plan to keep you on track, making adjustments whenever your situation changes.

Let’s Sit Down Together
We’ve been helping people of all economic situations create their retirement nest eggs for over 25 years. No minimum income or assets requirements. No commission fees. Just sound, objective financial guidance that allows people to be ready for the future when it turns inexorably in to the present. Give us a call and together we’ll come up with a plan for your “golden years.” 

Estate Planning

Thoughtful and detailed estate planning services
Important issues and aspects of estate planning such as, protecting your assets, determining your health care directives, and properly distributing your wealth upon death, are crucial components of a successful future now and beyond your years. We listen carefully to your thoughts and ideas about inheritances and heirlooms, transferring money values to your children and grandchildren, plans for a family business, wishes for charitable giving, or simply avoiding estate taxes. Sage Financial works closely with you to understand your wishes now and forever to assure a secure present and future.

Working closely with your attorney, or one that we recommend, we develop the architecture of your estate plan and along side you walk through the planning process. With extensive experience in creating estate plans, Sage offers offers you understanding of the legal language and makes sure your plan accurately coincides with your wishes.

With an established estate plan, we will assist you in accomplishing each detail and will diligently review the plan's effectiveness and make changes according to your wishes.

Key components for successful estate planning
Effective estate planning includes creating and reviewing the following key documents to ensure your wishes are met:
■ Revocable trust or irrevocable trust
■ Will
■ Durable power of attorney for financial matters
■ Durable power of attorney for health care
■ Living will

During the development and implementation of these documents, we will assist you in determining the appropriate provisions, trustees, guardians, executor or executrix, agent for health care, and offer directive paths required for each.

Uniquely trusted of life's valued things
Working so closely with our clients over the years, we have come to know them well and have gained the insight on what they truly value. We have earned and gained the trust of our clients' family private matters, personal effects and hopes for the future. The dynamics are never easy. Needless to say, we at Sage feel a deep responsiblility for ensuring that wishes are met.

During the estate planning process, we serve as an objective and caring fiduciary for you and your family. We provide these services with no additional fee.

Trust Services

National Advisors Trust Company
Independent Trust Administration

Sage Financial Design, Inc. works with our private trust company, National Advisors Trust, to provide comprehensive fiduciary services to current and future generations of our clients.

National Advisors Trust Company, a federally chartered trust company, was created in 2001 by more than 120 independent, nationally recognized financial advisors, to better integrate their distinctive understanding of their clients' personal and financial circumstances with the fiduciary responsibilities of a corporate trustee.

Although National Advisors Trust acts as trustee, Sage Financial Design will serve as your primary advisor. This ensures that fiduciary matters are conducted in a manner consistent with your long-term goals and objectives while maintaining sensitivity to your unique family needs. If you have an existing trust relationship, Sage Financial Design and National Advisors Trust can coordinate the transfer of the fiduciary responsibilities and management of the trust assets.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Comprehensive tax planning is indeed necessary to support your financial goals.
Effective tax planning is an ongoing process that considers your entire financial picture and how to best take advantage of changing tax laws to improve your financial situation. At Sage Financial, we are knowledgeable about the latest tax laws, which is necessary to help you avoid costly tax mistakes and help you benefit from available tax breaks.

Working closely with you, we make complex tax regulations and their ramifications to your individual circumstances - both understandable and useful. We also consider how life changes such as marriage, the birth of a new child, a new business, divorce or death can affect your tax liability as tax laws continually change.

Strategizing to decrease tax consequences
We offer our clients a comprehensive evaluation of your financial situation and create a tax planning strategy aimed at reducing your tax liability. In fact, our in-house certified public accountant will prepare your taxes for you. Because we are in-tune with your overall financial picture, we have an eye on the tax consequences of each recommendation that is made and believe this to be a unique and tremendous benefit to our client base. Afterall, every dollar that is saved ultimately frees up funds to support your overall financial goals. Whether it be sending a child to college, funding your personal retirement, building a business, or providing for your children and grandchildren in the future, Sage Financial focuses on whatever pieces of the puzzle fit in order to realize your overall goals and dreams.

Using a fiduciary, fee-only advisory firm such as Sage Financial provides you with objective tax planning strategies necessary to realize and support your financial goals.

College Funding

College Funding

College Funding...Mission Possible
Forget what you’ve heard. Most of the available college-funding information is simplistic, one-dimensional and following it leaves 96% of families falling short of their goal. The “calculators” fail to take into account many of the factors that can derail your plan to finance your children’s higher education.

Don’t Go it Alone
College funding shouldn’t be a do-it-yourself project. There are too many pitfalls—we’ve identified 9 all-too-common ones—that can leave you a day late and a dollar short. But we’ve also identified a number of proven strategies that we offer in our Parent Advisory Service. Using these strategies, we formulate structured, monitored, real-world plans for families of all different economic situations. Also, we’re working with more and more grandparents who want to explore ways that they too can become involved.

Give Us A Call
If you have (or soon will have!) children or grandchildren and want to feel confident that they’ll be able to have the very best education possible, we should talk. We’ve helped many parents and grandparents send kids off to college with a smile. We’d love to help you, too.

Download annual survey of college costs.


Philanthropic Planning
Say thank you by giving back!
Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
It turns what we have into enough, and more.
It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.
It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.
Gratitudemakes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

We here, at Sage Financial Design, Inc., believe in mentioning and encouraging the notion of charitable giving to be considered as a part of everyone's financial plan.

Sage Financial Design, Inc. is a particpant in Leave a Legacy Connecticut, a statewide public awareness effort to promote charitable giving through wills and estates.

Second Opinion

Financial Advice. Hourly, As-Needed
Although many of our clients are on an annual retainer with Sage Financial Design, others consult with us on a project basis. They come to us for expert advice on a specific financial issue…anything from college funding to taxes, buying a home to long-term care, credit card debt to estate planning. At Sage, we call this hourly-fee, as-needed service Second Opinion.

A Budget-Friendly Service
Our Second Opinion hourly-fee service gives you the flexibility to schedule just a check-up or a more extensive examination...whatever works for you. There are no minimum income, net worth or asset management requirements. Second Opinion is for anyone who’s looking for expert assistance in making a confident, educated decision about money.

Get a Second Opinion
We invite you to come in, have a cup of coffee and share with us whatever financial issue is keeping you awake at night. Whether you’re newlyweds just starting to create a financial plan or an experienced investor simply looking for another opinion on an existing portfolio, our Second Opinion service can be an excellent way to go.

Personal Finance

Personal Financial Security Needs
In order to provide for themselves and their families, as well as protect the way they live, most people want to provide for one or more of these personal financial security needs:

Protecting Your Family's Future
How will your family replace your earning power in the event you die prematurely?

Providing for Your Child's Education
How much of your earning power will be available to help pay for your child's education?

Preparing for Disability
If you are sick or hurt and unable to work, how will you replace your earning power?

Preparing for Your Retirement
What will happen to your standard of living when your earning power ceases at retirement?

Making Your Home Debt-Free
How much of your earning power will be spent on unnecessary mortgage interest?
Planning Your Estate Have you made plans to have funds available to pay estate settlement costs at your death?

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