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Sage Financial Design Mission Statement

Our mission

Our mission is to assist our clients in achieving their financial dreams. We provide the information, tools and guidance necessary to help you realize your financial goals.

All reasonable financial goals are achievable through proper planning and guidance. The most costly mistake individuals make is becoming so overwhelmed by their situation that they do nothing. We at Sage Financial Design provide the necessary tools and guidance to assist you in your particular circumstances. We work with you to achieve your specific goals.

A Fee-Only Investment & Financial Planning Firm 

Sage Financial Design, Inc. believes that clients should be fully aware of all costs when shopping for financial services. It is important for the general public to understand the three methods in which clients pay for financial planning services today.

■ Commission only: An advisor receives a commission for the sale of a product which varies based on the given dollar amount of the sale.

■ Fee Based: An advisor charges a fee, perhaps to write a financial plan, and also receives a commision for any products sold to implement said plan.

■ Fee Only: An advisor bills a client for services provided, but receives no other form of compensation from any third party.

Since not all products carry the same schedule in terms of commission, a bias (or greed) may exist with a commission only or fee based advisor to sell products with a higher payout. It is our belief that the client's best interest is most important, and not the advisor's.

Sage Financial offers services on a fee-only basis and does not receive commisions for any insurance or investment product we recommend. We work for our clients and for our clients only.

All reasonable financial goals are achievable through proper planning and guidance. The most costly mistake individuals make is becoming so overwhelmed by their situation that they do nothing. We at Sage Financial Design, Inc. provide the necessary tools and guidance to assist you in your particular circumstances.

We work with you to achieve your financial dreams. We recognize that your dreams may change as you move through life. Our success as financial planners comes from our willingness to understand your values and financial goals and our ability to translate them into a successful financial plan that accommodates your present and future circumstances. 

Our Promise: Sage Financial Design

Our Promise

As a fiduciary firm, our clients' best interest is our only priority. We pride ourselves on being a leader in the financial planning industry, a direct result of our dedication to our clients. We recognize that no two situations are alike and our plans are specifically designed to meet the needs of each client. We are dedicated to working with you, and your other professional advisors, in helping you achieve your goals. Your financial security and well-being are most important to us. We help you achieve financial peace of mind.

Why Consider Financial Planning with Sage?

Managing Your Finances
It has been our experience that many busy people, no matter how well educated or financially sophisticated, don't have the time or inclination to effectively manage their own financial affairs.

Most people today are too busy keeping up with the changes in their own specialized areas to remain current with the ever-changing financial services industry. To prepare a financial plan with the same attention to detail as that of a professional advisor would just take too much time and research. This would be time away from your personal life, occupation, business or civic responsibilities.

If your financial situation is being monitored by Sage Financial Design, you can be assured that your "financial house" is in order. Your time and attention can be focused on effective management of your business and pursuing your personal interests.

Confirming Financial Objectives Are Being Met
Many people currently have several advisors in place that provide advice only within their own area of expertise. For example, the broker may be an expert picking stocks and bonds, but without access to information concerning your total financial situation may not be able to provide the proper advice with respect to how to register those assets for estate planning purposes.

Your accountant may be doing an excellent job of tax preparation, but may not be able to help you re-position assets so as to reduce next year's taxes.

Sage Financial Design is certainly not intending to replace any of your existing advisors with whom you now have a satisfactory relationship. However, by evaluating your total financial situation, Sage strives to coordinate strategies that do not interfere with any of your stated goals and objectives. By focusing on the whole, rather than on a part, Sage Financial Design can make recommendations that are consistent with your long term financial strategy. We want to keep individuals and families on their desired track.

Monitoring Your Implementation
A financial plan that is not implemented becomes merely an educational experience. Worse than that, you have become aware of your financial problems but have not taken action to solve them. Your stated goals and objectives can never be met without putting the plan into action. Follow-through is critical! Sage Financial Design will ensure that all phases of your plan are properly implemented by your selected agents, not only in terms of the types and categories of investments, but with respect to estate, tax, and retirement planning. All the areas of risk assessment are important, since one overlooked exposure could wipe out the rewards of years of work and saving.

Frequent Reviews To Remain On Schedule
Your planning is a dynamic process and should be reviewed on a continuing basis to verify that your goals are being met and that you are remaining on your financial schedule. Since nothing is as constant as change itself, your goals and attitudes toward financial risks and family circumstances will change.

Even if we as individuals were to remain the same, the financial world around us changes so frequently that constant monitoring is a necessary part of the planning process. The political, tax, legislative and economic changes increase in frequency.

Sage Financial Design maintains an on-going review process that reports to the client. The reviews ensure that any necessary adjustments are made before it is too late.

Providing Peace Of Mind
Many people have expressed the sentiment that the planning process has made them much more comfortable with their financial situations and that their financial questions and concerns have been resolved. The weight of financial stress can be heavy as most people know. We want to help people by reducing and relieving that burden

Dealing with Sage Financial Design will give the peace of mind in knowing that individual financial situations are being handled by a full-time professional outfit dedicated to the specific financial needs of each client. Sage is dedicated to the constant pursuit of the client goals.

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